measurement for gas

A mass measurement for gas according to the differential pressure principle typically consists of a primary element like an orifice, a venturi or a nozzle, a differential pressure sensor, a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor and a computing unit that calculates the mass flow or standard volume flow. truckflow combines these five components to the smallest and fastest dp-gas mass flow meter.

High-Tech truckflow gas mass flow pitot tube made in Germany

The truckflow-insertion probe is an ultra-fast gas measurement approach for managing air in the automotive engines. It operates on the principle of differential pressure and is insensitive to deposits such as oil films and particles..

flow profile pitot tube deltaflow

Meter quality starts at the front – with an optimal tube profile

The primary element is a miniature pitot tube with a patented tube profile, which is deployed in thousands of demanding industrial applications (see deltaflow). In contrast to the thermal mass flow meters (HFM), superficial deposits such as oil films and particles have no influence in the measured readings. The flow-optimized-pitot profile ensures a perfect linearity over a long span. The pressure loss is highly negligible.

tfi4 gas mass flow sensor automotive

The flow multi meter provides all major air parameters

All the sensors and the flow computation are embedded on one board. The highly integrated TFI4 - circuit combines dp-, p-, and T-sensors together with an ultra-fast signal analysis and data processing. Via CAN-Bus (other communication protocols on request), mass flow, pressure and temperature of the fluid is available. In addition, the filtering strategy of the measured values may be adapted dynamically by the engine control unit (ECU). Comprehensive OBD messages are available.

Let us help you!

The air management close to an automotive engine is a very complex and a difficult task. Take advantage of our know-how on the best installation positions, signal analysis and filtering, pulsation and flow conditioning. We help you reach the fastest solution and installation on-site, yet a cost-optimized and precise air management.


Power Supply 5VDC (stabilized from ECU)
Temperature Ambient -40..125°C
Temperatur Fluid -40..150°C
Pressure Fluid 0,4-4,5 (7) bar abs
Material Housing PBT GF 30 / Messing
Connector ttyco HD 6pin HDSCS-connector
Sensor length 40mm (insertion depth may be changed)
Accuracy Better 2% of flow
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