Tailored solutions for industrial flow measurement

deltaflow avering pitot tube

deltaflow - averaging pitot tube for flow metering of steam, gas and liquids

The deltaflow averaging pitot tube is a cost- and energy efficient flowmeter for gases, liquids and steam.

deltaflow - avering pitot tube

Due to the special probe profile the deltaflow flow measurement can assure the highest level of precision and excellent process liability, even under extreme conditions. Averaging pitot tubes are causing the lowest pressure loss of all dp-flow meters and are therefore highly energy efficient. The deltaflow has been installed several ten thousand times in all industrial fields. Compared with traditional ISO 5167 primary elements such as orifices or venturis, deltaflow is not only saving energy but is also more inexpensive and causes less mounting costs. deltaflows high tolerance on non ideal flow profiles ensures high accuracies even under short inlet conditions.

Typical applications are flow measurement of steam, the metering of perssurized air, liquid flow measurements of water, oil, benzene. deltaflow is used to measure stack gas and flare gas, natural gas, bio gas and many more…

The deltaflow averaging pitot tubes are used in thousands of industrial plants such as power plants, sewage plants, breweries, automotive plants, steel plants… For the calculation and design the deltaflow flowmeter a self-explanatory software is free for your download.

deltaflow: the economic and ecologic flow meter solution

deltaflow flow meter

compared with classical primary elements such as venturi, orifice or nozzle, the deltaflow is not only more accurate and reliable but saves also a huge amount of energy. Remembering that a single deltaflow in steam may save several kW of energy, one can imagine that deltaflow is not only saving money but also has an countable positive effect on the energy losses in industrial processes. This is not only econonmic but also reduces the world wide greenhouse effect.



Product Summary


  • Gas, Steam
  • Liquids

Pipe Sizes

  • 1..25 mm deltaflow DF8
  • 20..100mm deltaflow DF12
  • 80..2500mm deltaflow DF25
  • 200..15000mm deltaflow DF44

Operating conditions

  • –200 ... 1240 °C
  • 0..690 bar
  • Pure to extremely contaminated, aggressive media
  • Eex ia, ATEX


  • ATEX
  • PED 97/23/EC, TRD
  • 2.2 / 3.1 / 3.2 (EN 10204)

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