Transducers for pipes

deltawave - Accurate in big pipes

Outtake of cooling water? Turbine and pump control? Monitoring of the outflow? deltawave is meant for partially filled and filled pipes. Different types of transducers ensures an accurate and reliable measurement even in case of rough conditions. It is possible to mount the transducers inside the pipe. Using the systec quick-lock system (ball valve) it is even possible to install the transducers uninterruptible from the outside. Expensive downtimes are avoided from the beginning.


Transducer Type WU-W10

open channel ultrasonic transducer
  • Transducers for internal mounting
  • Suitable for pipe diameters starting from 0.1m
  • Signal frequency 1 MHz / 500kHz
  • Pressure stage PN16
  • Material PVC

Transducers for external mounting

high pressure ultrasonic transducer    high pressure ultrasonic inline transducer

  • Full removable transducer
  • Suitable for pipe diameters up to 5m
  • Signal frequency 1 MHz
  • Pressure stage PN100 (higher on request)
  • Material Stainless Steel (V4A)

Retractable unit (Exchange Kit) for pipe transducers (external mounting)

The Exchange kit is designed to allow removal of the entire transducer (including the face) for repair, replacement, or cleaning without dewatering the pipe. Available for pressures up to 100bar (higher pressures on request).

Optimized mounting solutions

The mounting of the transducers is optimized for your individual application. It’s no odds if you have a filled or partially filled pipe. Beside the internal mounting we develope mounting solutions for the most of all applications. So it is possible to offer uninterruptible mounting and service operations using the quick-lock-system. You give us a drawing or a sketch from the measurement site and we recommend the individual mounting solution.

  Product Summaries

Number of acoustic paths 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 (later upgrade possible)
Number of pipes or channels 1 to 4 (later upgrade possible)
Measuring method Multiple-path transit-time (time-of-flight)
Communication interfaces RS232, LAN (Ethernet), USB
I/O 4..20mA, Relays, Transistors
Power requirements 90-250VAC
Certificates required / Acceptances CE, Ex, ISO 9001 / ISO60041, ISO6416, ASME PTC 18
Path lengths 0,1..150m
Desired Informations
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