deltawaveSUF Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

Accurately measures the mass flow rate of the gas -
maintenance free and safe to bill

The deltawaveSUF Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter: Accurate, Simple, EconomicalS

The systec SUF multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter puts an end to expensive, complicated gas flow measurement.

Until now, the accurate measurement of gas volumes has been very complex and expensive. Although mechanical meters measure flow very accurately, they ignore the influence of pressure and temperature fluctuations, which leads to very large errors. For this reason, especially for large consumers, mechanical meters are supplemented with additional pressure and temperature sensors, and their influence is then calculated and corrected in volume correctors. Not only does this sound complicated, it is also expensive and requires a great deal of effort to achieve accurate measurement.

The systec SUF multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter puts an end to expensive, complicated gas flow measurement. It works on the transit time principle with an integrated P&T sensor. The gas meter can be operated with a built-in battery or with 24VDC. Up to 5 years of continuous operation is possible with a single battery pack.


Your Benefits from the deltawaveSUF Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

  • Efficient, reliable and cost-effective gas flow measurement
  • Data available at all times thanks to automatic data backup
  • Only short inlet distances required
  • Up to 5 years continuous operation from a single battery pack
  • Near zero leakage

Our ultrasonic expertise for your gas measurement

systec Controls has been developing ultrasonic flow meters for over 20 years. Flow measurement using the ultrasonic transit time method has many advantages, in particular very wide measuring ranges, outstanding accuracy, virtually no drift in the measured values as it is a digital time measurement. There are no moving parts and no analogue components to wear or age.

The development of the process for a stationary gas meter was requested by our customers in the gas supply industry. As a result, deltawaveSUF has been designed to be as compatible as possible with existing mechanical gas meters. In most cases it can simply replace previously installed turbine meters. Both the dimensions and the measuring range have been adapted accordingly.

Convenient, Accurate Gas Measurement - Anytime, Anywhere

If there is no power supply, deltawaveSUF will run on the integrated battery for 5 years. Pressure, temperature, volume flow, standard volume flow and the counter can be read on the large display. Daily and hourly values are safely stored in the integrated data logger.

Thanks to the powerful battery and the low power consumption, the device can even be used in places where there is no external power supply.

The basic version of deltawaveSUF has HF and LF counting pulses; Modbus and 4..20 mA outputs are also available as options. M12 connection cable and operating instructions are included.

  Product Summary


Power supply Battery operated without external power supply: At least 4 years. External power supply 5 - 26 VDC
Insulation resistance The insulation resistance between the external power terminals, signal output terminals and the case is more than 20 MΩ.
Media Natural gas, propane, butane, LPG, air, nitrogen and other gases
Temperature measuring range (medium) -25°C … +60°C
Pressure measuring range 0..4 bar abs
Temperature Pressure Built-in digital temperature and pressure sensor, pressure error less than 0.5 kPa, temperature error less than 0.5°C.
Environmental conditions -25°C … +60°C, ≤ 90% RH
Pressure drop Less than 1.0 kPa (10 mbar)
Accuracy class Class 1.0; optional class 0.5
Signal output HF pulse: external drive voltage 2.5-30 VDC, output test pulse signal, maximum frequency 5 kHz
LF pulse: external drive voltage 2.5-26 VDC, output test pulse signal, 1/1 m3
Digital interface RS485, Modbus-RTU, NB_IOT, GPRS
Analogue output (optional) Compensated flow rate (Nm3/h) as 4..20 mA (passive)
LCD display Total volume, flow rate, temperature, pressure, battery, NB-IOT signal, alarm
Explosion protection Ex ia Zone 1 CNEX, IEC (in preparation) ATEX (in preparation).
Calibration capability In preparation
Wetted material Aluminium, stainless steel, glass
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