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Precise flow metering for gas quantity measurement in the internal combustion engines is one of the most demanding tasks in engine development and optimization. Increasingly stringent emission standards pose additional challenges to the engineers. It’s no wonder, that the existing solutions often do not fulfil the modern requirements in terms of accuracy, durability and dynamics. We, at systec Controls, provide innovative, economical and reliable automotive measurement systems for pulsating and dynamic fluids in air-intake and EGR with a very high accuracy, low pressure drop and extremely high durability for commercial vehicle engines. But we don’t just stop right there with component supply, but also assist our customers in providing the best solution to their applications and ensure perfect utilization of our mass sensors.

Since 2006, we, at systec Controls, deliver primary elements to measure the engine air-intake. For more than a decade now, we have been delivering gas, exhaust and liquid flow measurement techniques to a numerous car- and truck manufacturers. systec Controls is your competent and reliable partner in the field of automotive measurement technology.

Truckflow – the powerful exhaust gas, air-flow and EGR measurement sensor for the commercial vehicle engines, is setting new standards at an affordable low initial cost. Since 2006, the truckflow mass air flow sensors have been successfully used in series productions and continue to convince more and more engine manufacturers. Its use of differential pressure system in conjunction with an intelligent measurement strategy ensures truckflow’s highest quality of measurement over the entire life cycle of the engines.

The application of truckflow at high temperatures over 500° Celsius, superficial deposits and particles do not affect the measurements, thus characterizing the system by a very high level of robustness. The truckflow family consists of different primary elements and sensors in several variants – such as a dynamic pressure probe for close to engine air-mass measurements or a venturi for the rapid measurement of exhaust gases or deltaflowB specially designed for precise automotive measurement of engine test benches, with modern air-mass meter reference system and characterized by particularly high accuracy in the measurements, with a triple redundancy and a high level of insensitivity to environmental influences.                    


Pitot Tubes Pitot tubes for the flow measurement of air, egr or exhaust on engines for automotive and truck applications
Gas Mass Flow Sensor
Systec controls is manufacurer and supplier of automotive gas massflow sensor with integrated p- and T-Sensors, ultra fast computation and CAN-Bus-communication
Combi Sensors Truckflow INtegrated TFI4 is a new sensor concepr for the longterm stabel and reliable air or EGR mass flow sensing for automotive applications.
Reference Air Mass Flow Sensor Precise Reference Air Mass Flow Sensor for Testbeds and Engine Development.

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