Tailored solutions for industrial flow measurement

Solutions for chemical and petrochemical industries

The deltaflow pitot tube is the solution for measuring the gas-flow in pipes. No matter if products, exhaust air, flue gases. Pure or polluted media, inert or aggressive, the deltaflow can almost always offer a solution. Diameters are available from 15mm to 15.000mm. The deltaflow has proved its high resistance at Wacker Chemie in Burghausen. During a hardness test of several months in a waste incineration plant, the German TÜV tested the deltaflow in aggressive and dirty flue gas 100% saturated with steam. Reward for the efforts: deltaflow passed this challenging certification to measure emissions in highly dirty, humid an pollted exhaust gases.
high pressure naturall gas flow meter

High pressure and Ex applications

The same principle can be used for steam and hot water applications.

Even for high pressure the deltaflow can still be used, for pressures until 640 bar and temperatures until 1240°C.
The deltaflow can resist! If high pressure steam applications, boiler feed water or boring heads for natural gas are concerned, in any case the deltaflow has proved its reliability and efficiency for years.

Of course you can use the deltaflow also for hazardous locations.

Heat balance determination with the flowcom

Cooling or heating transfer media are other current applications of the deltaflow, in combination with the flowcom. The deltaflow can be used to measure the flow of the ammonia return while the flowcom can calculate the delivered quantity of cooling from the differences of the out- and ingoing pressures and temperatures.

open channel flow meter ocm for chemical waste water

Perfect for chemical wastewater and cooling water

Open sewers, partially filled pipes, discharge of waste water to surface waters or drawing-off of water for industrial uses – the ultrasonic flowmeter deltawave is specialised for this measurements in filled/partially filled channels and pipes. Adapted to the existing measuring point, the installation costs for the highly sensitive ultrasonic transit time measurement are very low.

Ultrasonic flowmeters for filled pipes

There are several advantages when using the deltawaveC ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters for liquids, compared to other methods: no need to cut the pipe, no pressure loss, no conductivity required, wide measuring range, very low installation costs … fur just mentioning some of the most striking. The portable portaflowX can check or replace existing instruments for the flow measurement in a couple of minutes. TimeDelta, the stationary model, executes the same task for permanent installations.



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