Tailored solutions for industrial flow measurement

Cost-effective flowmeter for steam

The deltaflow flow meter is continuously developed and improved. Systec hold several patents on the deltaflow technology. We do not only rely on our own know-how, we work closely with well known partners such as the Institute for Flow Mechanics at the University of Erlangen and the PtB in Braunschweig. See further informations

Due to the special probe profile the deltaflow flow meter can ensure a high level of precision and excellent process viability, even in extreme conditions causing the lowest residual pressure loss. The deltaflow flow meter is installed in several thousand locations.

Case history: Save energy costs up to 100,000€ per year

systec deltaflow hochdrucksonde

This power plant is located in northern Germany and has been relying on systec products since years. The pitot tube deltaflow has been proven since more then 10 years in several applications like steam and feeding water. Optimizing the efficiency of the plant has tipped the scales to replace the old orifice by a systec deltaflow for this high pressure steam application.

The result: Energy savings of 800 tons of coal per year

deltaflow causing the lowest residual pressure loss which helps this power plant to save about 800 tons of coal each year! Together with the resulting savings for CO2-certificates nearly 100,000 € per year can be saved. Therefore, the payback period was just 3 months.

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