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About the co-operation with Maxonic Automation since 2003

After near 10 years co-operation, there are about 2 million euro trade each year. The cooperation products are including of deltaflow, deltaflowC, DeltaMagneto, DeltaGWR, DeltaRadar, deltawave ,deltawaveC and other DELTA series products which are sold to Chinese market from Germany.


It is pitot tube, which is one element generation different pressure (DP) while flow passing. Then calculation out the flow rate by different transmitter, temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter if wish get mass flow. It can measure steam, liquid or any kinds of gas. Since 2003 to 2011, there are about 25,000 units to sale into Chinese marketing.


It is a sensor working on the DP-sensor, P- and T-sensor and micro-controller to calculate the mass flow (standard-volume- flow) of gases in pipes, not liquid and steam. DeltaflowC was developed to measure air and other non-explosive and non- corrosive gases in the pipes and channels in a very precise, cost effective way. By the advanced and patented uc- technology, deltaflowC has an extrodernary performance in terms of zero stability, dynamic, flow range and accuracy.

deltaflowC measures real mass flow and compensates the influence of changes in static pressure and temperature on the signal. Compared with other technologies such as thermal mass flow meters, deltawaveC is widely resistant to long term drift by coatings and dust on the sensor surface. Intelligent zero- drift compensation algorithms make deltaflowC to zero- maintenance flowmeter. It can be used in ultra-wide flow, temperature and pressure range. Beside this, deltaflowC will exist in only one dimension for all pipe diameters and can therefore be ordered on stock. Competitive pricing and fast delivery are a result of this. Its application is only for all kinds of gas, such as pressurized air, air conditioning,combustion air regulation of burner air, drying air, process air,....


It is high-precision and robust level sensor and to provide continuous gauging of liquid media levels in tanks. The measuring principle used by the sensors exploits the physical effect of magnetostriction and is largely unaffected by temperature. Magneto-striction is particularly ideal where level measurements are required to be extremely accurate, e.g. In the chemical industry. Since 2002, Maxonic had sale out about over 4000 units DeltaMagneto in chemical plant, oil refinery or power plant. Its high precision can up to +/-0.25MM for its all measurement range (about 4~6m). Its safety factor is amazing high, MTTF can be up to 407 years, SIL 2.


It is a non-contact Radar (FMCW) Level Meter for distance, level and volume measurement of powders, granulates and other solids. It gives a stabler measurement than pulse radar and is well suited to dusty process conditions. The device can operate at very low and very high process temperatures as long as the process connection temperature limits are within 200°C. The PP or PTFE ball antenna can be worked on the some corrosive field. The precision can be +/-3mm within 10m, and +/-0.03% full range. Measuring range can up to 80m/260ft. Antenna can be extended to suit any nozzlr length. There are two 4~20mA output and one HART. Power can be 24vdc( two wires) or 220vac (4 wires).There are 160*160 graphic touch screen.


It is the first ultrasonic multimeter that can acquire, apart from the flow, the flow profile and turbidity or solid load, as well as the mean medium temperature and changes in the medium composition. Deltawave can measures everywhere: in the fulled pipe, in the partially filled pipe, open canals, channels channels and rivers. Deltawave also works under extreme conditions, maintenance-free, calibration-free and reliably. The measurement system monitors safety itself continuously and the multi-canal property ensures redundant safety. It was installed in Chinese hydro-power station with 11.7m pipes (4 units), 9m pipes( 8 units) and 6.5m (6 units).


It is a portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter for measuring liquids in the filled piping systems. It operates by the ultrasonic transit-time differential method. The heat measurement is including as standard application. Optional clamp-on PT100 temperature sensors are available. It can be operated in cordless mode as well as on a power adaptor for operation with 100% duty cycle. It is also available as stationary version (deltawaveC-F)

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