Precise flow meter, convenient accessories and convENient software

The requirements for industrial flow measurement technology have increased continuously in recent years. This means that modern measuring instruments must work reliably and extremely precisely even under difficult conditions.

Suitable accessories should additionally expand the possibilities of flow measurement and further improve the precision of the measurement if required. In the context of industrial metrology and the interaction with hardware, modern software solutions have the task of making it easier for users to use and commission, to provide further information and to prepare them in an appealing way.

All this and more are provided by the products of systec Controls. As a specialist in the development and production of systems for measuring flow in the field of industrial measurement technology, we provide expert advice to our customers and offer them tailor-made solutions that are distinguished by a multitude of advantages.


Industrial flow meters
for gases, steam and liquids
working with the ultrasonic and
differential pressure principle
from systec Controls, Puchheim, Munich, Germany


systec Controls does not only produce flowmeters,
but also engineers and delivers all needed components
to solve your measurement problem. flow computers,
pressure and temperature sensors, air flushing systems,
design software, engineering, start-up...


Find our latest software
for dp claculation
of the deltaflow and other dp-elements
and the setup software of the flowcom.

Precise and reliable flowmeters for industrial applications

Flow measurement is of the highest importance in the industrial context of plant engineering. This is because accurate measurements not only offer economic advantages and help to conserve scarce resources. They also ensure plant and process safety.

This is why our bestseller deltaflow measures vapors, liquids and gases absolutely reliably and with extreme precision, even under the most difficult conditions - for example in aggressive and highly contaminated media. deltaflow has proven itself in tens of thousands of applications around the globe, whether as a reference measurement on an engine test bench, as an offshore natural gas measurement or for turbine acceptance and control in a nuclear power plant.

The deltawave ultrasonic multimeter enables both ultrasonic flow measurement and heat quantity measurement. deltawave monitors the heat supply of entire cities as well as flood forecasting of large rivers. The discharge monitoring of cooling water or waste water in rivers is an important contribution to environmental protection. The virtually maintenance-free deltafit is the perfect solution for precise airflow control in sewage treatment plants and power plants.

For control measurements and calibrations, we also offer deltawaveC, a mobile solution for flow measurement. No wonder, then, that systec Controls' industrial measurement technology is also in use in sensitive areas at a large number of locations worldwide.

Practical accessories for industrial measurement

Our powerful accessories are designed to complement and enhance our industrial flowmeters. For example, flowcom further improves the accuracy of flow meters and also calculates the mass and standard flow rates of vapors, gases and liquids by taking into account their respective densities and enthalpies. Since its market launch, LSP1 has been continuously optimized in cooperation with power plant operators and TÜV. LSP1 is particularly suitable for the measurement of gas volume flows that are heavily contaminated with dust. With the deltawaveC-WD it is also possible to determine the wall thickness in a simple and precise way.

Easy to use PC software for flow measurement
Even the best hardware only achieves optimal results in combination with powerful software. This is why we offer you the deltacalc and flowcom programs, which provide you with even more comfort. For example, deltacalc calculates not only the differential pressure, but also numerous other status data - such as density, pressure or viscosity - of the respective medium and outputs the results as a PDF file with error limits. The latest version of flowcom supports the capabilities of the new generation of flow computers and can be freely configured.


Technology leader - our products are patented all over the world.

systec Controls has a strong product development department. We also work with universities and technical institutes to develop new products and improve existing ones. Our patents also reflect the fact that we are defining the state of the art. Our products are protected by one or more of the following patents or pending patents:

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