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deltafit sewage basinThe precise regulation of the air flow into sewage basins does not only influence the optimal quality of your cleaning process but furthermore still saves pure money because the energy-intensive compressed air is well applied in optimal quantities.

A too low oxygen supply leads to insufficient pollutant reduction and consequently to a reduced cleaning performance. In the worst case, an infringement of the desired limits occurs.

A too generous ventilation doesn’t bring any higher cleaning performance, but the energy costs for useless compressor performance can impair your installation effectiveness quite considerably.

Deltafit secures optimum oxygen input to your prozess, saves pure energy costs, works also under heaviest conditions for years without any maintenance – and fault-free. The optimally adapted components are prooving their precision and reliability in thousands of industrial installations in the entire process industry. The ready-to-go-setup components are ready mounted and do not need any startup efforts after installation!


deltafit saves your money in the whole investment period.

deltafit economic

low acquisition costs, low maintenance, low installations costs, long running high quality components. The intelligent valve drive is not only a perfect positioner, but does also include the power supply for the connected sensors and does include a controller to optimize the airflow. Seperate costly electronics and external wiring is unneccessary therefore. the pressure loss of deltafit is very low. This is also saving pur energy on the compressor. And since the accuracy of the air regulation ist perfect, no unneccessary air is wasted.


deltafit is constructed in a way that disturbances of the flowprfile are reduced effectively. This ensures high precisions flow measurement also under unfavorable inlet conditions. We did not choose a flat body gat valve, since these tend to fail easily. The used buttefly valve works under dirty and condensing air without problems and secures the unobstructed transportation of particles and condensates in the pipe. The high-quality control actuator uses the connected dp-transmtter for the intelligent air flow regulation. The deltaflow integrating pitot tube has proved itself successfully under most difficult conditions in thousand of applications for years in all process industries.



Product Summary


Air for sewage basins or combustion air in process industries

Pipe diameters

65..500 mm (2,5”-20”) (others on request)

Process conditions

-40..250 °C (others on request)
0..10 bar (others on request)
Ultrapure to higly inpure air

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