Transducers for channels and streams

Particularly the flow measurement in channels and rivers has specific sensor requirements. High turbidity, flotsam, mineral and biological sediments and often long measurement distances require reliable, maintenance-free and tough transducers. Different types of transducers are available for your application in filled / partially filled channels and rivers. From the compact transducer for small flumes to powerful transdcuers for rivers, systec Controls covers the measurement distances up to 150m.

Type XU-W10

flow meter for open channel


  • Signal frequency 1MHz
  • Typically used with liquids and small measurement distances up to 7m



Type XU-W5

ultrasonic flow meter deltawave transducer


  • Signal frequency 500kHz
  • Typically used with water / wastewater and medium-sized measurement distances up to 50m



Type XU-W2

ultrasonic transducer for ocm flow meter


  • Signal frequency 250 kHz
  • Typically used for rivers and big channels with high measurement distances up to 150m
  • The angle between signal and flow is scalable freely




Optimized mounting solutions

The mounting of the transducers is optimized for your individual application. It’s no odds whether rectangular-, trapezoid-, or round-section or even a river, if filled or partially filled. Beside the direct mounting on the flume wall we develop mounting solutions for the most of all applications. So it is possible to offer uninterruptible mounting and service operations.

Just give us a drawing or a sketch from the measurement site and we recommend the individual mounting solution.

  Product Summeries

Number of acoustic paths 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 (later upgrade possible)
Number of pipes or channels 1 to 4 (later upgrade possible)
Measuring method Multiple-path transit-time (time-of-flight)
Communication interfaces RS232, LAN (Ethernet), USB
I/O 4..20mA, Relays, Transistors
Power requirements 90-250VAC
Certificates required / Acceptances CE, Ex, ISO 9001 / ISO60041, ISO6416, ASME PTC 18
Path lengths 0,1..150m
Desired Informations
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