Heat transfer metering in public indoor pool

MID-testing and more through
clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

Operation costs in public pool checked...

The community Hunxe at the Lower Rhine could no longer bear the operating expenses of its indoor swimming pool. From this plight out a citizens' initiative for the preservation of the indoor pool was formed about 10 years ago. Since October 2007, the "swimming friends" lead with the help of sponsorship, a community grant and self-help to indoor operation continued successfully.

The bath is supplied by a district heating plant from an external energy supplier. A calibrated electromagnetic flowmeter (MAG Meter) measures the heating energy for billing purposes. The external supplier continuously delivers the pool 75 to 80 ° C hot water. The "swimming friends" realized the continously increasing energy cost and found it worth to check the existing MAG-Meter. The result suggested a "reflection" on ...

Water quantity measurement

Through Internet searches the "swimming friends" found systec's deltawaveC-P flow and heat transfer meter. The non-intrusive clamp-on flowmeters aroused their interest. A date had been agreed in the indoor pool. With deltawaveC-P, the clamp-on ultrasonic meter, comparative measurements were made and recorded 25h by the internal data logger. The Excel evaluation shows all measured data.

More than 5% deviation from / of? MID

As Klaus Berels, responsible for the sales systec Controls "Mid West", Wesel, determined with the careful measurement test, dodged the measurement data obtained with the P-deltawaveC more than 5% of the values of the fixed MAG meter. The application engineer says: "This demonstrates a fundamental problem that can tamper the medium-dependent MIDs. The measuring electrodes of MAG-meters are object of deposits over the years of operation and thus they may show significant errors. In this specific case, this could be due to virtually no more removable magetite deposits: Hot water forms magnetite deposits that lead to incorrect measurements. Low pH, high conductivity and the oxygen content of the water result in systems with steel components for such magnetite slurries. Magnetite is ultimately a critical component of deposits in heat meter components. But with the deltawave CP we measure from the outside of the pipe, without direct contact with the medium. Since there is no such measurement errors. Hunxes "swimming friends" now locate possible sources of error and want to make improvements.


  Product Summeries

Prinziple Ultrasonic time of flight
Heat mesurement Included, PT100-Sensors optional
Pipe Sizes 10..6000mm
Mounting Fluid-contact-free with clamp on transducers
Flow range -30…30 m/s
Measurement Flow, fluid velocity, heat rate
Totalizer Volume, heat
Inputs 2x PT100
Logger SD-Card (2 GB)
Data format *.csv
Digital communication USB
Power supply Battery and 90-230VAC-Power Supply
Fluids Liquids
Fluid Temperature -40….150°C
Desired Informations
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