systec Ring Wedge flowmeter - ultra compact gas- and air mass flow meter

Expert in solving the "three high"
a flowmeter for measuring
high viscosity, high pollution, high wear medium

systec Ring Wedge flowmeter is a new type of flowmeter which combines the characteristics of Wedge and Venturi structure to solve the problem of high viscosity, high dirt and high wear medium measurement.

Its innovative circular symmetric throttling element uses Venturi-like flow guide design to increase the flow rate at the edge while effectively reducing the formation of an upstream retention dead zone, which can be used to measure highly viscous and dirty media with a Reynolds number greater than 500.

Compared with traditional Wedge flowmeter throttling elements, the edge of the throttling element of the Systec Ring Wedge flowmeter is passivated, so there is no need to worry about the change of diameter ratio β wear even during long time measurements. For the fluid medium containing solid particles, the surface spraying tungsten carbide process can be used to effectively increase the wear resistance of the flowmeter and prolong the service life.

  Product Summary

Outputs 1×4…20mA, 1×0…10V
Supply 18-36VDC
Ambient Temperature -40..120°C
Fluid Pressure 0..10bar a
Fluid Temperature -80..250°C
Burst Pressure 16bar
Primary Element SS 1.4571
Housing Material SS316
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