Systec Colioris Mass Flowmeter

Mass flow meter
adopts U-shaped double tube design

Mass flow meter adopts U-shaped double tube design, can get the most ideal vibration system, when the medium through the flow tube, due to the Coriolis effect, will make the flow tube phase difference, by measuring the size of the phase difference to calculate the instantaneous flow.

Mass flow meters can directly measure instantaneous mass flow, density and temperature, and through calculation can obtain cumulative mass, instantaneous volume flow, cumulative volume and concentration. It can be applied to the measurement of liquids, gases and steam.

Accuracy: 0.1%, 0.05% (optional). Measurement is not affected by the physical properties of the medium such as temperature, pressure, density, viscosity and concentration, and installation does not require front and rear straight pipe sections.

  Product Summery

Outputs 1 x 4..20mA, 2 x Pulse Out, RS485
Supply 18-265 VDC/VAC
Dimensions 1", 2", 3", 4", 6"
Accuracy 0,1%, option 0,05%
Fluid Temperature -40..120°C
Nominal Pressure 40bar
Primary Element SS 1.4571
Housing Material SS316
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