Calibration Laboratory

for flow, pressure, temperature and current

ISO 9001 Calibration and Environmental Testing for Pressure and Flow

Climate Chamber in the Calibration laboratory

The systec Controls calibration laboratory has extensive facilities for flow meter calibration and environmental testing with traceable flow, pressure, temperature, current and voltage standards. Our experts not only use these for their own development tasks, but also offer our customers a cost-effective and reliable service in our calibration laboratory. All instruments are traceable to national standards in accordance with ISO 9001. DAkkS accreditation is in progress. All calibrations are performed in accordance with EN ISO 17025.

Our calibration laboratory performs accurate flow meter calibrations with air from 0.5 to 3800 kg/h with an uncertainty of only 0.25-0.36%. We calibrate water flow rates from 0.3 (0.03 lower range value) to 110 t/h with an uncertainty of only 0.05% in our calibration laboratory.

This means that a wide range of industrial flow meters can be perfectly calibrated:

  • Differential pressure flow meters such as orifice plates, venturis, dynamic pressure probes, V-cones, etc.
  • Swirl or vortex flow meters.
  • Magnetic inductive flow meters (MIDs).
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters with clamp-on or wetted sensors.
  • Turbines, quantometers, oval gear meters, etc.

Our analogue pressure primary standards, a bed manometer, a floating ball manometer and a calibration laboratory pressure balance offer an uncertainty of 0.02 mbar or 0.01% over the range 0.1 mbar to 250,000 mbar. They are ideal for checking and recalibrating differential and pressure transmitters.

Environmental Test Laboratory

Calibration laboratory environmental tests

In addition to flow meter calibration, we perform key environmental tests including temperature, humidity, vibration and salt spray. We have eight environmental chambers to test your equipment in a temperature range from -70°C to +200°C at a defined humidity. In our climatic shock chamber, devices can go from -70°C to +200°C in two seconds, automatically and over a number of cycles that you can define.

Small devices and PCBs can be accelerated at up to 2kHz and up to 20g on the shaker in the calibration laboratory. Both vibration and shock tests are possible.

In the salt spray chamber, we test the resistance of your device against salt spray.

We can perform many tests and calibrations on live or pressurised equipment.

These tests are essential for evaluating equipment used in harsh environments, such as automotive sensors or outdoor equipment. DAkkS-compliant tests are also possible. An independent test and calibration laboratory is essential for this type of testing.

Our climatic chambers are regularly maintained by the manufacturer and their physical conditions are traceably tested.

We carry out ISO 9001 calibrations and environmental tests quickly, professionally and cost-effectively. You can find a detailed overview of our laboratory equipment in the download area.

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