Tailored solutions for industrial flow measurement

Gas Mass Flow Sensor deltaflowC is now available for Atmospheric Applications

systec controls deltaflowC  handCompared to thermal mass flow meters deltaflowC has the decisive advantage, that superficial deposits and coatings will not affect the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore the deltaflow does not need frequent recalibrations as thermal mass flow meters do. The presumably smallest and fsatest multivariable transmitter available for industrial applications is measuring differential pressure, temperature and absolute pressure of the pitot tube and calculates therefrom the gas mass flow with in just mS-intervalls.

The transmitter of the deltaflowC has now been revised extensively. For applications with an absolute pressures up to max 4bar, the new low pressure version has a much higher accuracy in pressure measurement. This is especially good for applications that operate at atmospheric pressures, eg exhaust, combustion air, HVACapplications etc.

In addition, the transmitter has now additionally a service switch. By this, the use may output a constant current or a constant voltage on the two analogue outputs to test the wiring and one can perform a zero offset calibration.

The design and configuration of the deltaflowC is unchanged simple: In the free deltaflowCsoftware you simply need to enter the pipe diameter and specify range, damping and the function of the outputs. The software then displays the position of the seven DIP switches that you set on your deltaflowC - ready. This works perfect even for inexperienced users within minutes.

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