approach to perfect engine air management

The TFI4 electronics is a sensor system consisting of a differential pressure, an absolute pressure and a temperature sensor. TFI4 has a processor that analyses and filters the sensor signals and processes the mass flow signal. A CAN-bus provides the connection to an engine controller (ECU) or other computing systems.

The TFI4-sensor system was developed for measuring the flow of air intake to an engine, but it also offers other applications such as boost pressure measurement or a p, T-sensor combination.

The individual sensors are optimized and customized in a complex calibration process. By this, the TFI4 sensor system achieves the highest possible accuracy – exactly in the range that is required for your application.

With modern coating technologies TFI4 is insensitive to a number of aggressive compounds in the fluid.

Ultra Fast Signal Processing – the basis for high accuracy

automotive air mass and egr flow sensor

The flow and pressure measurements close to an engine are influenced by strong pulsations. The superposition of compressor, valve lifts, EGR injection etc., leads to a complex pressure-flow characteristic, depending on the engine map, aging and ambient conditions (air pressure, air temperature) and other variables. Since pressure and flow are coupled by the energy conservation (Boyle Mayotte), the correct pressure measurement and mass flow calculation becomes a complex task.

The truckflow TFI4 sensor measures pressure, temperature and flow, up to 4000 times per second and analyses in real time the condition of the fluid in the pipe by a complex real-time algorithm.


  • High accuracy under highly dynamic and pulsating conditions
  • Compact measurement of flow, pressure and temperature, eliminating additional sensors
  • Fast and simple adaptability to new applications
  • Perfectly calibrated sensors
  • No drift by contaminants such as oil or condensate film
  • Life time up to 1 million miles


  • Precise air management (cars, trucks, off-road-vehicles, ships)
  • Determination of EGR rate
  • Combi sensors (p, T) with special ranges
  • Boost-pressure-sensors
  • Special sensors


Ambient conditions -40..125°C
Fluid-Temperature -40..250°C (other o.r.)
Fluid-Pressure 0,5-4,5bar abs(other o.r.)
Differential Pressure -50..250mbar (other o.r.)
Fluid Air, Exhaust, EGR
Accuracy (new) T +/- 1K, p +/- 0,3% d.MBE*, dp +/- 0,3% d.MBE*
Accuracy (life time) T +/- 2K, p +/- 1,8% d.MBE*, dp +/- 1,5% d.MBE*
Accuracy flow <1:10MBE*: 0,35%d.MBE*; >1:10MBE: +/-2% v.MW*
Connector TYCO heavy duty, HDSCS-6pin (other o.r.)
Communication CAN-Bus (other o.r. (PWM, LIN, 0..5VDC)
Power Supply 5VDC stabilized, 35mA
  *MBE= of span
*MW= of measured value
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