Pitot tube for gas flow metering at engines

High-Tech truckflow pitot
tube made in Germany

For more than 15 years, systec Controls has been developing, manufacturing and selling pitot tubes for the measurement of gases and liquids. systec Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of pitot tubes for industrial purposes worldwide.  

In the engines, pitot tubes have an upper hand because of their insensitivity to contaminations and a low pressure drop. Additionally, it has a very high dynamics that allows ultra-fast measurements. The truckflow - pitot tube is particularly recommended for measurements of air volumes before and after compressors and for the determination of recirculated exhaust gas (EGR).    

systec pitot tube for truck engine air mass_flow measurement

High-Tech made in Germany

systec pitot tubes are used to measure polluted and aggressive gases, liquids and vapours. When optimizing our products, we also cooperate with external partners such as the TU Munich, the University of Erlangen, the Fraunhofer Institute and the TÜV Süd.

The truckflow – pitot tube has a superior, patented measurement profile that has high linearity, non-sensitivity to contaminants, reacts like crankshaft breather and allows extremely fast measurements. A deviation in the measured values due to deposits cannot be observed in a truckflow, unlike the thermal flow measurements. It measures gases over the entire engine running time of up to 1,000,000 miles at very high temperatures even without cooling.

Installed in a plethora of truck engines

The truckflow - pitot tube is in series production on several engines, convincing its long durability and reliability.

Used on a number of truck engines

truckflow - pitot tubes are used on a number of engine series to measure the long-term stability and the flow of gases accurately.

Truckflow pitot tube


Materials plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, coated steel
Temperature -40 to 400 ° C (depending on material)
Pressure 400 mbar to 6 bar abs-
Fluids air before and after compressor, before and after intercooler, exhaust gas recirculated (EGR / EGR)
Evaluation External sensors (0..5 VDC, CAN-Bus, PWM, LIN-bus), calculation in the engin control unit
Accuracy <2% (application dependent)
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