Flow measurement for sewage plants

Precise flow measurement is one of the most important topics within sewage purification processes.
We are pleased to provide you with tis following Case History detailing the benefits this customer hase experienced through the use of deltawave flowmeter.

ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter

Naturally, deltawave also covers
a wide range
of other applications too.

Case History: Parallel feeding of sedimentation tanks

In this sewage plant, located in west-Germany, the waste water is pumped into the sedimentation tanks via 3 different 600mm stainless steel pipes after the mechanical cleaning process. All tanks should be charged equally in order to optimize the cleaning process.

flow meter sewage plant

All pumps are regulated by the current flow value which must be measured very precisely to ensure a optimal regulation quality. 2 paths in a crossed installation ensure an accuracy of 1% even with very short inlet ways. The ultrasonic transducers are feed into the pipe through systec’s quick-lock-system (welding stud with ball valve).

waste water flow meter

Because of the integrated ball valve, the transdcuers are completely removable under normal operational conditions – a important contribution for the customers process reliability. All 3 pipes are served by only one electronic unit which brings along a fantastic price-performance ratio. The ultrasonic transducers were mounted onto a complete measurement section.


deltawave multipath ocm flow measurement

The adjustment of the transducers had been done in advance at systec. On-site, the section was just put into the pipe -done. This arrangement measures according to the IEC41 code which makes the measurement data traceable and transparent. A big advantage especially for measurements which are sensitive or subject to charge.

Measurement parameters

  • Flume type: 3x filled pipe, 600mm
  • Medium: concentrated waste water
  • Paths: 4 paths for each pipe(2×2 crossed)
  • Transducer type: 1000 kHz
  • Mounting: Welding stud with ball valve
  • Typical flow: 200 m3/h
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