deltawaveVER2 Ultrasonic flowmeter

Efficient and reliable -
multipath flow meter for the most demanding applications

Ultrasonic flowmeter for pipes, open channels and rivers

The all-new multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter deltawaveVER2 is the perfect solution for demanding applications where accuracy, redundancy and reliability are required. With its hardware version - 2-, 4- and 8-paths - deltawaveVER2 can now also be used for price-sensitive applications with the highest demands.

deltawaveVER2 is an ultrasonic flow metering system for water and wastewater in a wide range of applications, for example in filled pipes, partially filled pipes, open channels and rivers. The multi-path flow meter system permanently monitors itself and works even under extreme conditions maintenance and calibration free and extremely reliable. For district heating applications with highest demands there are especially high temperature transducers.

deltawaveVER2 can be optimally used in the water and wastewater industry, in sewage treatment plants in industry and municipal utilities, in thermal power plants, in penstock and low head river hydro power plants.

Advantages of the new deltawaveVER2

New deltawaveVER2 brings a lot of benefits that make it even easier, more accurate and cheaper as the predecessor and most competitors:

  • Affordable 2-path entry-level solution for smaller sewage treatment plants and micro-hydropower
  • 4- and 8-path solutions for highest accuracy requirements
  • Low power consumption for solar operation
  • Easy commissioning through parameterization software
  • Bus connection (Modbus / MBus)
  • Removable SD card for "unlimited" datalogging, setup and updates
  • Extensive diagnostic and analysis tools on the graphic display

One Flowmeter for many Applications

The use of deltawaveVER2 offers many advantages:

Flow measurements independent of temperature, pressure, density and viscosity changes, virtually no pressure losses, retrofitting without line interruption is possible, maintenance-free, standardized discharge equations according to ISO6416, IEC 60041 and ASME PTC 18, continuous flow measurement, high accuracy, detection of flood events without "fast emergency teams", huge data storage, Industry 4.0 communication interfaces (USB, Modbus, M-Bus), datalogging of velocity profiles, flood monitoring, monitoring compliance with environmental regulations eg In hydroelectric power plants, discharge monitoring in sewage treatment plants, and not least, navigability monitoring is one of the areas of application of deltawaveVER2.

Uncompromising accuracy, robust in conditions where other technology has long since failed

When it comes to the precision and process capability of our products, we make no compromises. Our ultrasonic transducers withstand pressures far exceeding 100 bar and deliver stronger, more accurate signals than competitive products. Because ultrasonic signals can be disturbed by numerous influencing factors, systec Controls has developed a innovative signal analysts strategy for deltawaveVER2, which finds the ultrasonic signals even if the amplitude of the noise is a multiple of the signal amplitude. Through our intelligent evaluation strategies, we analyse each individual acoustic signal for quality and plausibility. We can therefore rule out incorrect measurements. Our multi-frequency / multi-signal method finds the optimum ultrasonci signal even under unfavorable conditions such as high gas and particle load of the fluid. In the vast majority of cases, we can also safely operate ultrasonic transducers from third-party suppliers.

The result is accurate, reliable and stable measurement data even under extremely unfavorable conditions. The deltawave electronics measure the transit time difference between the ultrasonic signals traveling with and against the flow direction with incredible precision, even at very low flow velocities. Several paths lead to the goal: The determination of the flow velocity is based on the ultrasonic transit time method: Two ultrasonic transducers emit sound waves into the medium at an angle α (15 - 75 °).

deltawave supports cross-over measurement, where two acoustic paths are installed at each measurement level and their measured speed values ​​are averaged. The high measuring accuracy of deltawave was u.a. determined, verified and confirmed by the Research Institute for Environmental Technology and Hydraulic Engineering (VPUW) at the University of Kassel.

Your perfect flowmeter service package

A smart product like deltawaveVER2 also needs a smart service. It begins with the free easy-to-use setup software and ends with a comprehensive after-sales service for our customers. With the supplied Windows software, deltawave can be comfortably and simply prepared for the measurement even for very complex applications. All parameters can be stored fully automatically from the workstation PC or laptop on a standard SD-card and read into the device. Alternatively, deltawave can also be connected to the intranet or Internet via Modbus or M-Bus and configured and updated via USB in a user-friendly way.

Remote transmission systems via GSM modem using the digital and analog signal outputs are also possible. And for added ease of use, the built-in oscilloscope feature allows you to visualize the signals as well as easily and quickly review all acoustic paths.

Of course, we are also after the purchase and installation of your system advisory to the side. On request, you can also support our sales representatives and service technicians on site. Whatever the challenge, we are always there for you and will certainly help you!

Further information on our deltawave product range can be found in the seven PDFs at the bottom of the download area on this page. Do you have any questions about our innovative ultrasonic flow measuring system for water and wastewater? Then talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to help.

Suitable for field acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines

turbine performance testing

Because of the high accuracy, field acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines are possible due to ISO60041 and ASME PTC 18. Accuracies up to 1% could be achieved in open channels without calibration.

In filled pipes or channels you will get an accuracy of 0.5% of reading. But measuring with deltawave do not means only accuracy. The optimized transducers ensures long-term stable measuring without maintenance. This has been proven successfully by public authorities.



  Product Summeries

Number of acoustic paths

2 deltawaveVER2 LEAN

4 / 8 deltawaveVER2 (later upgrade possible)

Number of pipes or channels 1
Measuring method Multiple-path transit-time (time-of-flight)
Communication interfaces RS485, Modbus, M-BUS, USB (other interfaces possible on request)

2 x 4..20mA analogue input

2 x 4..20mA analogue output

1 x Relays

2x Digital (transistor)

Power requirements 90-240VAC
Certificates required / Acceptances CE, ISO 9001 / ISO60041, ISO6416, ASME PTC 18
Path lengths 0,1..150m
Desired Informations

New signal analysis

Ultrasonic signals are disturbed by a large number of influences: EMC, gas or solid loading, machine noise etc. Systec has developed a new kind of evaluation method to ensure an accurate and reliable measurement even under extreme conditions. Because of the signal correlation analysis the ultrasonic signals are cognizable even if the the amplitude of the noise is a multiple of the signal amplitude. That and the high time-resolution of the transducers are the reasons that DELTAWAVE measures even the smalles flow speeds reliably and accurate.

Optimize your process costs!

low head hydro power flow meter

You do not need expensive and lavish construction work any longer.

Wether huge culverts nor big MID’s or Venturis are needed. The ultrasonic transducers of DELTAWAVE are simply mounted directly on the channel wall or pipe.

We develop and produce individual mounting solutions for your individual application. Uninterruptible mounting and servicing is possible for the very most applications. Using established mounting rails – as shown in the picture – is only one solution. We look forward to discuss you measuring challenge.

Therefor, longsome and expensive standstills will be avoided from the beginning.

flow meter cooling water power plant


Efficient and reliable

Because of it’s capability to serve up to 4 independent measuring points DELTAWAVE is an efficient and sophisticated system. Using our individual mounting solutions the installation and the start-up can be done very fast and economical. That and the maintenance-free operation ensures minimal operational costs.

It is always possible to upgrade you DELTAWAVE with additional transducers – for example to add a new measurement location. So DELTAWAVE is ready for your future growth. This is another advantage to reduce your operational costs.





Field of applications

  • Wastewater: Monitoring of plant inflow and outflow, control of rain trapping ponds, feeding of parallel ponds, monitoring of channal hydrology, recognition of false water quantities
  • Thermal power stations: Monitoring of cooling water quantities for accounting purposes due to ISO60041 and ASME PTC 18, optimazation of the pump performance, leak detection systems, exact determination of the mean water temperature, even in case of temperature skeins.
  • Hydro electric power plants: Turbine and pump monitoring, optimazation of the turbine efficiency, turbine acceptance according to ISO60041 and ASME PTC 18, leak detection, monitoring of inflow and outflow
  • Watermanagement: Monitoring of navigability, Monitoring of hydro power plants, Flood protection.
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