Irrigation channels

Mexico’s intensive agriculture is responsible for about 76% of the country’s total water consumption. It is guessed that 40-50% is wasted by unefficient and aged irrigation systems. The economical use of the available water resources therefore is going to be one of the most important challenges of the National Water Management Council.

ultrasonic flow measurement system

The 4 path arrangement provides a
measurement accuracy of up to 2% even
in case of disturbed flow profiles.

The problem

The water within the Area of Jalisco is being distributed to the fields using open channels. The Mexican water management council CONAGUA (Comision Nacional del Ague) needs to know the flow in each channel precisely in order to establish a efficent control of the irrigation and traceable clearance with the farmers.




systec Controls's metering solution

systec’s ultrasonic flow measurement system deltawave was installed in several irrigation channels. The 4 path arrangment provides a measurement accuracy of up to 2% even in case of disturbed flow profiles. The electronic unit is supplied by a 100W solar panel and continuously stores all measured values into an interal data logger. The CONAGUE can easily transfer and evaluate this data using deltawave’s USB interface.

The result

The precise flow metering with the deltawave systems ensures a efficient supply of all connected farmers. The accordance of the measurement to international standards makes the gained flow data also traceable and transparent for clearance purposes.

Technical Data

  • Flume type: open channel, trapezoidal, 7m
  • Medium: Water
  • No. of acoustic paths: 4
  • Typ of transducers: 500 kHz
  • Mounting: Mounting rails
  • Levelmeter: Ultrasonic
  • Typical flow: 4 m3/s
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