Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

and HEAT MEASUREMENT for liquids

Now also available for gases!

Clamp-On-Flowmeter deltawave C is simpler, more precise and more reliable than everything you experienced before. Within a few minutes, the quick-setup guides you through the setup of the electronics - without the need for the manual. The mounting of the transducers is simple and robust. With its new auto optimizer, deltawaveC will not only perform perfectly on simple water applications, but also on highly contaminated hydrocarbons, naturals gas or compressed air pipelines (deltawaveCoG). deltawaveC's KISS philosophy "Keep-It-Safe-and-Simple" will perfectly meet your requirements for modern process automation.

  Product Summary

Principle Ultrasonic time of flight, 1 and 2 Channel
Heat measurement Included, PT100-Sensors optional
Pipe Sizes DN10….DN6000 (DN25..DN700 for gases)
Mounting Fluid-contact-free with clamp-on transducers
Flow range -30…30 m/s
Measurement Flow, fluid velocity, heat rate
Totalizer Volume, heat
Inputs 2x PT100, optional 2x4..20mA (p&T)
Outputs 1x Relais, 2×4…20mA, 2x Digital (transistor)
Digital communication RS232, RS485, Modbus, M-Bus (optional)
Power supply 230VAC or 18-36VDC
Protection class IP65
Fluids Liquids and gases
Fluid Temperature -70….150°C, optional -50..380°C
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deltawaveC-F is the permanently installed twin of the portable deltawaveC-P. The new, universally applicable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for liquid media in filled pipes works according to the highly accurate ultrasonic time-of-flight method. Special advantage: The ultrasonic transducers are strapped onto the pipe from the outside (clamp-on or buckle-on technology), it is not necessary to cut the pipe, there are no pressure losses. Another advantage of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement: because the transducers are not in contact with the medium, the measurement is 100% contamination-free and thus 100% hygienic. This is particularly interesting for quantity measurements of food and pharmaceutical products. And if you have to measure particularly toxic or environmentally harmful liquids: There are no additional sealing surfaces or dead volumes when measuring flow with deltawaveC.

High measuring precision
With the deltawaveC fix, the drinking water flow is measured according to the ultrasonic time-of-flight method. This enables precise and very dynamic flow measurement, especially as the measurement process takes place many times - usually 50 to 150 times - per second. Thus, in combination with the extremely accurate signal evaluation, measurement results can be determined very reliably and practically drift-free even in fast-flowing liquids. In doing so, the deltawaveC fix model meets or exceeds even the highest requirements for precise flow measurement.

Absolutely hygienic
Strict hygiene standards apply to drinking water measurement - and rightly so, because there must be no contamination here. The deltawaveC fix model is the ideal tool here because it masters non-contact flow measurement. Here, the measuring sensors do not come into contact with the drinking water at any time. This eliminates the risk of contamination from the outset. This makes drinking water measurement with the deltawaveC fix 100 percent hygienic.

Flow and heat measurement with ultrasound

Quick and easy to install and set up - parameterisation in a very short time

Precise and simple are not contradictory with deltawaveC-F. deltawaveC-F is very easy to handle. The user interface of the large graphical display is easy to master even without training. Installation and parameterisation of the deltawaveC fix only take a few minutes. It is not necessary to cut the pipeline; it is sufficient to strap the ultrasonic transducers onto the respective pipeline from the outside (clamp on). A Quickfix mounting set is included in the scope of delivery for smooth installation. With the help of the Quick-Setup option, all necessary parameters can be set in a few minutes.
Any questions are answered by the online help.


deltawaveC now also in the Ex area

All safe: deltawaveC-F is approved for use in hazardous areas

Both the transmitter and the deltawaveC sensors are Ex d (pressurised enclosure) approved. You do not have to do without the large display and the familiar simple operating concept of the transmitter. With deltawaveC you can combine Ex and non-Ex transducers according to your requirements: If, for example, only a small radius around the pipeline is Ex-area, you can place the transmitter without Ex outside the Ex-area and order only the ultrasonic transducers in Ex-design. This saves costs and does not compromise safety.




New: deltawaveC-F can now also measure gases!

The clamp-on measurement of gases is a particularly demanding measurement task, which deltawaveC-F solves optimally with its new Auto-Optimiser. The advantages are well known: No intervention in the pipeline (DN25-DN700), retrofitting, no wear or pressure loss, no sealing surfaces. The technology is particularly suitable for compressed air, natural gas pipelines, in air separation plants and large refrigeration plants. The newly developed Lamb Wave transducers cover pipelines with wall thicknesses from 1 to over 20mm and diameters from 25 to 700mm.



Now new: High temperature converter up to 380°C

deltawaveC High-temperature measurement


The new, direct-applied high-temperature converters withstand temperatures up to 380°C. And because the converters do not require spacer plates (hockey sticks), installation is much easier and the signals are significantly more stable and better than with conventional high-temperature converters.

This means you can now use deltawaveC on applications such as tar, thermal oil, boiler feed water and various hydrocarbons in the refinery.


Saves installation and operating costs

Due to the clamp-on technology, your deltawaveC-F operates > 100% contact-free > 100% maintenance-free > 100% leakage-proof > 100% hygienically flawless > 100% pressure loss-free This makes your deltawaveC-F a long-term stable and reliable measuring device for the vast majority of liquid applications.

High measuring accuracy - drift-free and robust

deltawaveC-F measures according to the highly accurate ultrasonic time-of-flight method. With this method, the flow is measured many times, typically 50-150 times, per second. Due to the high number of measurements, but also because of the use of state-of-the-art digital signal evaluation, deltawaveC-P works drift-free and reliably. Even with demanding measurements and media with gas and particle loads.

Integrated heat quantity measurement.

Often an expensive extra - already integrated as standard with deltawaveC-F. In addition to precise flow measurement, your deltawaveC-F also reliably and accurately records the heat output and heat quantity.
In addition to the precise and easy-to-install contact temperature sensors from systec Controls, you can of course also use PT100 temperature sensors for flow and return temperature that are available on site. With a temperature resistance of -40 to 150°C, deltawaveC-F covers the vast majority of applications in heating and cooling circuits.

Typical Applications

> Power plants
> Main and secondary cooling water
> District heating
> Pump protection / commissioning
> Water and wastewater management
> Sewage plant inlet and outlet
> Drinking water networks, inspection of water meters
> Pump protection
> Distribution and consumption measurements
> Leakage detection
> Building services
> Hot and cold water

> Cooling systems and air conditioning
> Energy optimisation
> Pump control and adjustment
> Optimisation of the heating systems
> Chemistry and petrochemicals
> Crude and light oil
> Industrial water and waste water
> Aggressive and toxic media
> Measurement of heat transfer media such as thermal oils
> Food and drink industry
> Hygienic measurement of the media
> Heat quantity measurement in the energy supply

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