flowcom will compensate the influence of temperature and pressure

for a pair monitoring stations

gas compensation setup software flow computer

The flowcom compensates for flowmeter errors due to pressure or temperature variations and computes mass or standard volume flow rates for gases, steam or liquids. It can even do so for a pair monitoring stations. It also computes heat transfer rates and thermal-energy contents for heat transfer media or refrigerants.

As a two channel version, the flowcom can calculate balances between supply and return lines. A particular advantage of the flowcom: It does not operate based on problematic equations, but integrates a number of permanently stored tables of the mass densities and enthalpies of commonly employed media.

Flowcom will compensate the infloence of temperature and pressure on virtually each flowmeter such as integrating pitot tubes, orifices, venturis, vortex meters, mag meters, ultrasonic flowmeters, PD-meters…

The flowcom communications software runs under Windows.


  • Air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygene, hydrogene, steam, water from permanently stored tables
  • Natural gas according to GERG 88 accepted by all major European natural-gas utilities
  • Other gases from user-defined compressibility tables
  • Gases according to Boyle Mariotte
  • Heat transfer media and refrigerants
Operating conditions
  • Media: the technical relevant range is covered
  • Hardware 0°C – 50°C, optionally available 0°C – 65°C, noncondensing, IP 50, installation of switchboard, optionally available IP65
Certificates/ acceptances
  • CE
  • manufactured according to EN ISO 900


Desired Informations
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