deltawaveC-P 便携式外夹超声波流量计



  Product Summaries

Principle Ultrasonic time of flight
Heat measurement Included, PT100-Sensors optional
Pipe Sizes 10..6000mm
Mounting Fluid-contact-free with clamp on transducers
Flow range -30…30 m/s
Measurement Flow, fluid velocity, heat rate
Totalizer Volume, heat
Inputs 2x PT100
Logger SD-Card (2 GB)
Data format *.csv
Digital communication USB
Power supply Battery and 90-230VAC-Power Supply
Fluids Liquids
Fluid Temperature -40….150°C
Desired Informations



clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter




deltawaveC saves time and cost

deltawaves clamp on technology works :

intake sewage plant flow
  • 100% contact free with the liquid
  • 100% wear and tear free
  • 100% leackage save
  • 100% hygenic
  • 100% free of pressure loss

By this and by the fact, that deltawaveC-P includes datalogger and battery power, it is the ideal portable flowmeter.

Accurate, Drift-Free, Robust

portable ultrasonic flowmeter sewage

deltawaveC-P measures by using the extreme accurate ultrasonic transit time method.

In this method, the measure rate is very high, typical 50-150 times per second. The high number of measurements can be performed by using the advantage of modern digital signal processing. deltawaveC-P is drift-free and reliable. Even with sophisticated measurements where the liquid contains gas or particles.

Typical Applications

  • Powerplants
    • Cooling water
    • District heating
    • Pump control
  • Water- and sewage
    • In- and outlet of sewage plants
    • Drinkwater networks, custody flowmeter check
    • Pump controls
  • HVAC
    • Hot- and cold Water
    • Cooling and Heating distributiuon
    • Optimization of energy networks
    • Pump control and regulation
  • Petrochenmistry
    • Raw- and light oil
    • Water and Sewage
    • Aggressive and toxic fluids
    • Mesurement of heating fluis such as thermal oil
  • Food Industries
    • Hygenic measurement of all Liquids
    • Heatmesurements

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