Tailored solutions for industrial flow measurement

Hydro power outflow monitoring

systec durchflussmessung für offene gerinneThis hydro power plant, located in the Black Forrest, Germany is fed from the river Schwarzenbach and generates 2MW of electric power with its two turbines. In order to protect the interests of downstream water users (sawmills,fishery), the operator is obliged by public decree to provide a certain amount of water. The engine speed of the turbines gives only a rough overview over the flow situation and therefore is not a reliable indicator. So the operator decided to install a deltawave to fullfill the public regulations.

High accuracy in spite of short inlet ways

systec flusskraftwerk

After passing the turbines the water is guided to the river via a concreted rectengular channel (broadness about 11m). The straight inlet way is only about 7D. With other flow meters the existing transverse flow components falsify the flow calculation considerably. deltawave compensates this effect using a so called crossed installation. Here you have 8 acoustic paths in two measurement planes which guarantee a reliable accounting with the competent agency.

Simple and uninterruptible mounting

systec Monatgeschienen

Uninterruptible mounting. That was a critical factor for deltawave in order to avoid expensive hours of downtime. Thanks to the special mounting rails which was justified at systec it was possible to install the transducers during normal operating conditions. Only the assembly bracket for the rails had to be mounted on the channel banks. Then the mounting rails had to be screwed on the bracket -done. Expensive downtimes was impeded right from the start.

Measurement parameter

  • Flume type: open channel
  • Medium: river water
  • Number of paths: 2×4 (crossed installation)
  • Type of transducer: 500 kHz
  • Mounting: Mounting rails
  • Level-metering: Ultrasonic
  • Typical flow: up to 100.000 m3/h

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