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Optimize with deltaflow-pitot

It is the ideal sampling instrument for performing integrated measurements according to DIN 2640 standards. It possesses the same highly precise profile as the deltaflow DF25 and is used to verify and calibrate existing measurements.

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truckflow - gas mass flow pitot tube

The truckflow-insertion probe is an ultra-fast gas measurement approach for managing air in the automotive engines.

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truckflow Einstecksonde

deltawaveVER2 - Ultrasonic flowmeter for pipes, open channels and rivers

Our new measuring system deltawave is not only a precise flowmeter for open channels, filled and partially filled pipes but also a temperatur meter and a flow profile analysis tool.

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The Perfect Multi Variable Sensor for Air Mass Flow Management


systec Controls as a benchmark for precise measurement technology

As a manufacturer of industrial measuring technology, we offer a wide range of high-quality flow meters. This ranges from custom-made individual pieces to low-cost mass-produced products. Therefore, we can offer perfect solutions for practically every measuring situation, which are characterized by versatility, precision, ease of use, and durability.
The pitot tube deltaflow, for example, reliably determines flow not only in liquids but also in gases and steam, saving thousands of tons of carbon dioxide worldwide compared to conventional solutions. Our ultrasonic flowmeters feature higher accuracy than most competing products and are also easy to use. In addition, our automotive-optimized gas mass flow meters are extremely durable, even under the toughest conditions, while operating reliably and with extreme precision.