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deltaflow averaging pitot tube is a real allrounder in flow metering. Precise mesurement of gases, steam and liquids! Pipe Diameters from 1mm (0.05in) up to 15000mm (600in) and certified accuracies down to 0.4%. deltaflow is on duty in thousands of industrial applications with pressures up to 690bars, in crygenic applications with temperatures down to -200°C and furnance applications with morde than 1100°C.


Biogas flowmeter Biogas is a valuable source of energy in waste water plants and bio power plants. The precise and reliable flow measurement is a difficult application with very special requirements to the flow meter.
Flowmetering for steam
Optimizing the efficiency of the plant has tipped the scales to replace the old orifice by a systec deltaflow for this high pressure steam application.
Chemical Industry The deltaflow is the solution for measuring the gas-flow in pipes. No matter if products, exhaust air, flue gases.
Cement Plant Precise flow monitoring is one of the most important measurements within emission monitoring systems. Heidelberg Zement is one of the world-leading suppliers for cement and truts the deltaflow flowmeter.

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