Gas flow meter based on
the differential pressure principle

The deltaflowC from systec Controls is a revolutionary gas flow meter that operates on the advanced differential pressure principle. This device stands out as possibly one of the smallest and fastest multivariable transmitter for real-time, precise differential pressure flow metering of gas massflow. It masterfully integrates highly sensitive sensors for differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature, along with a powerful processor, all compactly assembled on a minimal surface area.

The deltaflowC measures mass flow, performing up to 2,000 measurements per second, and is capable of processing and filtering the physical variables dp, pabs, and T ultra-fast. This provides users with accurate gas mass flow signals and concurrent pressure and temperature readings, making the deltaflowC not only suitable for measuring stationary flows but also for managing high measurement dynamics and pulsations found e.g. in compressors or combustion engines.

Insertion probe deltaflowC

3 in 1: Differential Pressure Flow Meter, Mass and Volume Measurement, and Pressure and Temperature Measurement in One Device

The deltaflowC offers a comprehensive solution, providing mass flow measurements in a single device while also monitoring process temperature and pressure. As a gas flow meter, it is specially designed for the measurement and control of ventilation systems and other gases in pipes and ducts. The deltaflowC is the ideal solution for differential pressure flow metering, including applications as a compressed air meter. It is available in two models: an insertion probe for pipes starting from 28mm inside diameter (1in) and a screw-in venturi for smaller pipes with diameters ranging from 3/4 to 1.5 inches. Installation is straightforward, with the probe version requiring just a connection piece on the pipe, and the venturi version easily screwed into a pipe section.

deltaflowC has analog outputs (4..20mA and 0..10VDC), a pulse output, CAN-bus and Modbus RTU. It fits perfectly into all electrical environments. The analog outputs can not only be used to transmit the gas mass flow, but also for differential pressure (dp), temperature or pressure (pabs) signals. Using a digital bus, it includes all measured and calculated physical

deltaflowC: Advantages Over Thermal Mass Flow Meters

The deltaflowC offers multiple advantages. It compensates for the effects of pressure and temperature on flow measurement, offering users a compensated gas mass flow. Compared to thermal mass flow meters and other gas mass flow meters, the deltaflowC is remarkably less sensitive to surface fouling by e.g. oil films, condensates and particles.. The deltaflowC gas flow meter is virtually maintenance-free and low on drift and is suitable for a wide range of flow rates, temperatures, pressures and gases. Furthermore, the deltaflowC gas flow meter fits almost all pipelines and ducts with just one installation length, making it quickly available and easy to stock. In contrast to thermal mass flow meters, the deltaflowC can be easily adapted to various gases without the need for recalibration. The mass flow meter can simply be recalculated to any gas using the physical principles described in the ISO 5167.

Compressed Air Metering as well as Exhaust Gas Measurement - areas of application for the deltaflowC

The deltaflowC is versatile and suitable for a wide array of applications, including

  • compressed air flow metering
  • HVAC systems (heating, air conditioning, ventilation)
  • compressor control
  • combustion air control
  • process air management
  • pneumatics
  • exhaust gas measurement
  • engine test benches.

Easy Parameterization of Gas Flow Meters - even for high flow rates, high temperatures, etc.

The deltaflowC is user-friendly and makes field parameterization very easy. Users can define process parameters using the free Excel design tool and then input three specific parameters on the deltaflowC's display in just moments. It is highly resistant to contamination and oil films, operates with minimal maintenance and drift. It is also suitable is suitable for extensive ranges of flow, temperature, and pressure.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Diameters

The deltaflowC is a universal solution, offering standardized installation lengths for all pipelines and ducts. This gas mass flow meter has a simple, standardized design and is readily available from stock, making it highly convenient for various applications. It comes standard with analog outputs (4..20mA, 0..10VDC) and can be optional supplied with pulse output, CAN, and Mod-Bus. OEM and private label solutions are available on request.

You can find more information about our OEM flow measurement solutions here:

OEM sensors for industrial applications

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Comprehensive technical data and performance features of the deltaflowC gas flow meter are accessible in the download area of the website.

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  Product Summary

Outputs 1×4…20mA, 1×0…10V
Supply 18-36VDC
Ambient Temperature -40..120°C
Fluid Pressure 0..10bar a
Fluid Temperature -80..250°C
Burst Pressure 16bar
Primary Element SS 1.4571
Housing Material SS316
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