Webinar "Multivariable flow measurement based on the differential pressure principle"

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Webinar "Multivariable flow measurement based on the differential pressure principle"

Differential pressure (dp) flow measurement is extremely robust and can be used in virtually any process condition. Pressure, temperature, dirt - dp measurement technology has an answer for most requirements.

No other flow technology has been so extensively researched and documented with more standards. The ISO 5167 series of standards alone includes six individual standards in which the application of dp measurement technology is explained in great detail.

But where there is light, there is also shadow: many standards not only provide safety, but also a forest of know-how that is hard to keep track of and where it is easy to miss the trees.

systec Controls has specialized in dp measurement technology for 30 years and will guide you through this jungle. In our webinar, you will learn how standard-compliant design works. We will also show you the new SYS-MMF/MTF transmitter series - which perfectly calculates the flow rate from the measured variables dp, pabs and T.

When? Monday April 15th 4:00-5:00 pm Berlin Time

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Participants will receive the seminar materials and a tool to easily design differential pressure measurements.

systec Controls Webinar dp Messung 04-2024

    systec Controls at the MEORGA in Landshut

The latest developments for industrial flow measurement

systec Controls at the MEORGA in Landshut

systec Controls, specialist for industrial flow measurement technology, will be on site at MEORGA in Landshut on October 18. At the special trade fair for process and factory automation, the company will present its latest developments for industrial flow measurement.

For differential pressure measurement of air and gases, systec Controls will have Release 2 of the proven deltaflow, which can be ordered recently. It is particularly suitable for areas where precise measurements are required, such as compressed air, fuel-air control, engine test stands or exhaust gases. And in the current version, it measures twice as accurately as its predecessor.

In the technical presentation, systec Controls will show another highlight: the flow measurement of gases via clamp-on, i.e. with snap-on sensors. Thanks to the intelligent and particularly user-friendly software, installation and parameterization are possible even without prior knowledge - which makes it easier to carry out the measurements.

"We pride ourselves on constantly developing our solutions and offering our customers solutions that make it easier for them to perform their tasks," says Oliver Betz, Managing Director of systec Controls. "The fact that we succeed in this is regularly reflected back to us by our customers. This spurs us on to become even better. We are looking forward to showing our latest developments at MEORGA and convincing even more people of our solutions," Betz continues.

    Compact gas mass measurement now even more accurate

Release 2 of the deltaflowC from systec Controls is now available for order

Compact gas mass measurement now even more accurate

systec Controls, specialist for industrial flow measurement technology, is continuously developing its products. Release 2 of the air mass flow meter deltaflowC is brand new and already available for order. deltaflowC is available in two designs, as a pitot tube or as a screw-in venturi. It is suitable for air and other gases in pipes and ducts and operates according to the differential pressure principle.

Typical applications of the deltaflow C are flow measurements of, for example, compressed air, fuel-air control, engine test benches or exhaust gases - all areas where precision in measurement is important. Thanks to its insensitivity to oil films and dirt deposits, deltaflowC is already particularly suitable for these areas of application.

deltaflowC release 2
A highlight of the new deltaflowC2: it measures almost twice as accurately as its predecessor - an advantage especially in sensitive areas such as exhaust gas measurement. The deltaflowC continues to be easily parameterized via the proven user-friendly display.

In the latest version, deltaflowC can be used in even harsher environments - it comes with an IP67 M12 connection. Even more possibilities are offered by the optional digital interfaces Modbus, CAN and pulse output. The performance of the new version has been tested by systec Controls on its in-house certified test bench.

"At systec Controls, we live and breathe innovation," says Oliver Betz, owner and managing director of systec Controls. "That's why we are constantly working to improve our products and services. deltaflowC has always measured extremely accurately. The fact that we have even doubled this precision in the second version of deltaflowC makes us very proud."

    Successful Re-Certification

systec Controls and systec Automotive successfully pass ISO 9001 audit

Successful Re-Certification

systec Controls and systec Automotive have renewed their ISO 9001 certification. The re-certification underlines the high quality standards of both companies. Once again, they have proven that their processes meet the strict requirements of ISO 9001 and the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

The auditor together with CEO Oliver Betz

ISO 9001 certification proves that the company's processes meet high standards, for example in terms of precision and international standards. It also underscores the emphasis that systec Controls and systec Automotive place on continuous improvement, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For two days, an external audit team subjected the internal processes and documentation of systec Controls and systec Automotive to an intensive review. They took a close look at various aspects of the company's processes and held discussions with the key people involved in these processes.

"We are very proud to have successfully passed the audit again this time," says Oliver Betz, CEO at systec Controls. "The result confirms that our processes have the same high accuracy and quality that our customers appreciate in our products. For this, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our team, which is committed every day. Next, we will have our calibration laboratory certified according to DAKKS," Betz continues.

    New trade partnership agreed

AEA TECHNIQUE SP. z o.o. distributes deltaflow in Poland with immediate effect

New trade partnership agreed

systec Controls, specialist for industrial flow measurement technology, has gained a new partner: In the future, AEA TECHNIQUE SP. z o.o., an automation company, will be the contact in Poland for deltaflow and deltaflowC. The new Release 2 of the pitot tube deltaflowC will also be available in Poland through AEA TECHNIQUE SP. z o.o. in the future.

The team at the training

To launch this new alliance, a team from AEA TECHNIQUE SP. z o.o. recently spent two days at systec Controls' headquarters in Puchheim, Germany. During their visit, the team took part in intensive training to gain a comprehensive understanding of the products and their functions.

One focus of the training was deltacalc, the program developed by systec Controls for calculating differential pressure measurements. deltacalc allows users to accurately parameterize the pitot probes, deltaflow and deltaflowC, regardless of the medium being measured - be it steam, water, air, nitrogen, hydrogen or any other substance.

"We are pleased to welcome AEA TECHNIQUE SP. z o.o. to our network of commercial partners," said Oliver Betz, CEO of systec Controls. "This collaboration is another step towards our solutions reaching even more industries and customers. The enthusiasm and commitment shown by the AEA TECHNIQUE team during their training visit confirms our confidence in the success of this partnership."