Tailored solutions for industrial flow measurement

pitot tube for extreme acidic and polluted exhaust at the hazardous area

deltaflow pvdf 400Pitot tubes have proven ideal for the measurement of exhaust gases. Insensitive to dirt and condensates and inexpensive to purchase pitot tubes are ideal.

Especially in the combustion of chemical waste requirements in material selection, however, are often unclear. Once the exhaust falls below the dew point, the colorful mix of halogens can prepare an acidic surprise. A mix of e.g. Sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid leaves most metallic materials corrode, your measurement will soon fail.

Few metal alloys are safe to use here. Fact: These alloys are not only almost as expensive as precious metals, and the manufacturing of the sensors is usually extremely complicated and expensive.

systec made for such special applications, pitot tubes of plastics, in this case of a Teflon with reduced surface resistance.

The probe is now highly resistant to corrosion. Static electricity which could have fatal consequences in hazardous areas, is reliably prevented by the carbon doping of the material.

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