Clamp-on Gas: High-precision and
non-contact gas flow measurement


Dive into the field of high-precision, non-contact gas flow measurement with deltawaveCoG, expertly developed for accurate clamp-on gas (CoG) management that seamlessly combines ease of use and careful attention to airflow and gases in pipelines. This specialized system from systec Controls incorporates the latest technologies in compressed air monitoring and natural gas flow measurement using a non-intrusive, clamp-on method that ensures the operational integrity of the pipeline.

Simple and safe: Ultrasonic flow meter for gas using clamp-on technology

Ultrasonic flow meter for gas deltawaveCoG, using state-of-the-art time-of-flight measurement, proves its precision and reliability not only in the field of compressed air monitoring, but also for various gases. It works perfectly as a flow meter for natural gas. The brilliance of clamp-on technology is that no direct contact with the medium is required. The ultrasound transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe, allowing processes to continue undisturbed and maintaining the integrity of the pipe. This technology provides 100% leak- and wear-free gas flow measurement and constant compressed air monitoring.

Precise and comprehensive data acquisition

To ensure accurate and comprehensive data acquisition, deltawaveCoG is also an integrative volume corrector, providing a variety of values including flow rate, volume, standard flow and total mass, among others. It also harmonizes the compensation and acquisition of pressure and temperature values via analog inputs and PT100.


  Product Summaries

Principle Ultrasonic time of flight
Pressure and temperature compensation Integrated
- Input of pressure and temperature as default value
- Input of pressure and temperature as 4 ... 20 mA analogue value
- Measurement of the temperature by means of PT100
Pipe Sizes 25...700 mm
Pipe materials Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics
Mounting Z-mode
Mounting type Fluid-contact-free with clamp on transducers
Flow range -30…30 m/s
Measurement Flow rate, flow velocity, standard volume flow
Totalizer Volume, standard volume
Inputs 2x 4...20mA (pressure and temperature)
2x PT100 (3-wire)
Outputs 1x relay, 2×4...20mA, 1x digital (transistor), 1x USB socket (Mini B)
Interfaces (optional) RS485, Modbus,
Power supply 230VAC bzw. 18-36VDC
Protection class IP65
Media Air and natural gas, other gases possible on request
Media Temperature -40….150°C
Desired Informations

Reliable and user-friendly: the ultrasound gas flow meter deltawaveCoG

The technology of ultrasonic gas flow meters is thoroughly incorporated in the deltawaveCoG, which is not only a reliable ultrasonic gas flow meter, but in addition is suitable for a variety of application scenarios. With a clear graphical display and accelerated setup options, the flow meter for (natural) gas deltawaveCoG can be parameterized in a remarkably short time, guided by the integrated on-screen help. The auto-optimizer optimally adapts the measurement parameters to your line. And the robust mounting kit allows for quick and stable installation of the transducers.

Transducers have never been mounted so fast!



Advantages of deltawaveClamp-on-Gas (deltawaveCoG) at a glance

  • 100% Contact-free with the medium
  • 100% Wear-free
  • 100% Leakage proof
  • 100% Hygienic
  • 100% Pressure loss free


Safe in hazardous areas

deltawaveCoG now also in the Ex area

Navigating in hazardous areas, deltawaveCoG guarantees maximum safety in the application, as both the electronics (Eex-d or Eex-n) and the clamp-on transducers (Ex-q) are Ex-approved. This opens the way for optimal safety, allowing the combination of Ex and non-Ex components as required, effectively saving money without compromising safety.

For example, if only a small radius around the pipeline is in the hazardous area, you can place the non-Ex electronics outside the hazardous area. Simply order the ultrasonic transducers in the Ex version. Your benefit: lower costs without compromising safety.


Applications for clamp-on gas flow measurement

  • Power plants: Reliable measurement and monitoring of natural gas consumption
  • Mechanical Engineering: Compressed air billing and consumption optimization
  • Gas utilities: Replacement of mechanical meters on transmission pipelines or pressure reducing stations
  • LNG terminals: gas acceptance, odor control
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries: Safe flow measurement of hazardous and toxic gases


Data Analysis and Monitoring Made Easy

An integrated data logger, extensive storage options for parameters, media data and signal files, and an easy-to-use USB interface make it easy to transfer data to a PC. Complimentary software provides detailed data evaluation and analysis.

Ensure your processes are monitored with deltawaveCoG's state-of-the-art ultrasonic gas flow meter technology and rely on its accurate measurement results.


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