Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

Now also available for gases!

The deltawaveCoG from systec Controls is the new, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for gases in pipes.
DeltawaveCoG works according to the highly accurate ultrasonic time-of-flight method. Special advantage: The ultrasonic transducers are strapped onto the pipeline from the outside (clamp-on technology). It is not necessary to separate the pipeline. There are no pressure losses.
In addition, deltawaveCoG offers the possibility of recording and compensating pressure and temperature values both as a specified fixed value and via analogue inputs and PT100.
With this function, deltawaveCoG also works as an integrated volume corrector and, in addition to flow rate and volume, also provides the values standard flow rate, standard volume, mass flow rate and total mass.

  Product Summeries

Prinziple Ultrasonic time of flight
Pressure and temperature compensation Integrated
- Input of pressure and temperature as default value
- Input of pressure and temperature as 4 ... 20 mA analogue value
- Measurement of the temperature by means of PT100
Pipe Sizes 25...700 mm
Pipe materials Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics
Mounting Z-mode
Mounting type Fluid-contact-free with clamp on transducers
Flow range -30…30 m/s
Measurement Flow rate, flow velocity, standard volume flow
Totalizer Volume, standard volume
Inputs 2x 4...20mA (pressure and temperature)
2x PT100 (3-wire)
Outputs 1x relay, 2×4...20mA, 1x digital (transistor), 1x USB socket (Mini B)
Interfaces (optional) RS485, Modbus,
Power supply 230VAC bzw. 18-36VDC
Protection class IP65
Media Air and natural gas, other gases possible on request
Media Temperature -40….150°C
Desired Informations

Installation and setup within seconds

Precise and simple does not mean any contradiction for deltawaveCoG.

The deltawaveCoG quantity measurement is extremely easy to handle. The interface of the large graphic display is based on the "proven" deltawaveC-F (liquids). With the well-known Quick-Setup option, the flow measurement is parameterised in a very short time. The integrated help on the display makes the manual unnecessary for most tasks. The robust mounting set makes transducer installation simple, fast and stable.

Within a very short time, the transmitter is conveniently parameterised and the transducers are mounted on your pipeline for precise flow measurement.


deltawaveCoG saves time and cost

deltawaves clamp on technology works :

  • 100% contact free with the gases
  • 100% wear and tear free
  • 100% leackage save
  • 100% hygenic
  • 100% free of pressure loss

With its data logger and extensive storage options for parameters, media data and signal files, deltawaveCoG is a real all-rounder. The USB interface makes transferring data to the PC convenient. The free software makes data analysis on the PC simple and fast.

Accurate, Drift-Free, Robust

deltawaveCoG measures by using the extreme accurate ultrasonic transit time method.

With this method, the flow is measured several times a second. Due to the high number of measurements and the use of state-of-the-art signal evaluation, deltawaveCoG works drift-free and reliably. Even with demanding measurements.

All safe: deltawaveCoG is approved for use in hazardous areas

deltawaveCoG now also in the Ex area

Both the transmitter and the transducers from deltawaveCoG are Ex approved (transmitter Ex-d, transducer Ex-q).

At the same time, you do not have to do without the large display and the familiar simple operating concept of the transmitter. With deltawaveCoG you can combine Ex and non-Ex components according to your requirements:

If, for example, only a small radius around the pipeline is an Ex area, you can place the transmitter without Ex outside the Ex area and order only the ultrasonic transducers in Ex design. This saves costs and does not compromise safety.

Typical applications

  • Power Station
    • Exhaust gas measurements
    • Consumption measurement (natural gas)
    • Commissioning

  • Sewage treatment plants (biogas, sewage gas)

  • Building services (gas heating, compressed air, air conditioning)

  • Chemistry and petrochemistry


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