deltaflow biogas flowmeter

Biogas is a valuable source of energy in waste water plants and bio power plants. The precise and reliable flow measurement is a difficult application with very special requirements to the flow meter.

  • Low pressure loss
  • Insensitivity to particles and foam
  • Free condensate drainage
  • High accuracy
  • short straight inlets

deltaflow Messstrecken

für Faulgas und Biogas müssen in vielen Fällen
schwierigsten Bedingungen trotzen.

These demands are perfectly fulfilled by deltaflow spool pieces.

Deltaflow spool pieces are a combination of integrating pitoto tubes and a measuring section including flow straightener and diameter reduction. This ensures a number of advantages: Perfect fit to the requested measurement span, ideal flow conditions, optimum position of the probe. Systec Controls calculates the ideal diameters and lengths for each application. The maximum acceptable pressure drop will be also taken in account.

Particles, foam, condensate and aggressive gases do not influence the measurement accuracy of deltaflow. In opposite to thermal mass flow meters, deltaflow readings do not drift over it’s live time. Deltaflow was teste by TÜV Munich to fulfil the requirements of flue gas measurements.

Technical Data

  • Siameter DN25..DN1000 (1” to 40”)
  • kondensing, dirty and aggressive gases
  • section-Length: app. 5D
  • Material: depending on applicatuon, SS316
  • Temperature: -200..1200°C
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 690barg
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