Save sewage fees with precise flow control

The waste water treatment plant Geiselbullach near Munich has been designed for a population equivalent (PE) of 250,000. Due to its continuously optimized measurement and control systems, Geiselbullach is one of Germany’s state-of-the-art facilities. The management’s first priority is to ensure a efficient water treatment process for the public. Therefore they are also open-minded about modern measurement techniques to reach their targets. After an extensive testing deltawave has been working successfully in the internal recycle.

ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter

deltawave is also an
appropriate flowmeter for a
wide range of applications.

Quick installation and maintenance-free operation

Because of the high turbidity up to 9 gramms/litre the flow-monitoring of The internal recycle is one of the most challenging and critical measurement tasks within the plant. Thus the plant operator decided to install two deltawave flow-systems which provide a reliable and user-friendly measurement even in case of high turbidity rates. For that application the ultrasonic transducers are mounted on special mounting rails thus providing an easy access for start-up as well as service during normal operating conditions.

High accuracy in spite of high turbidity

In open channels, deltawave works due to the ISO6416. Because of that and the high resolution of the transducers a measurement accuracy of 1.5% of reading is reached at those two measurment sites. The current measurement data is transferred to the process control system using a 4..20mA current signal. Additionally, the data is stored in the internal storage at the same time and could be easily transferred to a PC using a USB-Memory-Stick. So measurement data will not get lost during inspection.

The result: Sewage fees of 30,000€ per year are avoided

Due to the dramatically reduced charge of nitrogen this plant saves more than 30,000 Euro on sewage fees each year. The payback period is therefore extremley small with only 5 months.

Measurement parameters

  • Flume type: open channel (2x)
  • Medium: concentrated wastewater
  • Number of paths: 4 for each site
  • Transducer type: 500 kHz
  • Mounting: Mounting rails
  • Level-metering: Ultrasonic
  • Typical flow: 1800 m3/h
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