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Solutions for the Power Plants Sector

Systec Controls is your competent partner for the flow measurement on the power plant sector.

flow meters for power plants

The preferred application for all gaseous media, like fresh air, air according to air-quality regulations, recycled gas, flue gas, before and after washers, is the deltaflow pitot tube.

The deltaflow is cheap in acquisition and maintenance, guarantees high accuracy even for short inlets e.g. after bends, and is extremely resistant against dirt, condensate and corrosion.

For extremely dusty media, the deltaflow is used together with the LSP air-flushing system and can even be applied for dust loads up to 100g/m3. For this application Deltaflow and systec LSP have confirmed their reliability on many occasions.

Due to the high energy savings, the amortisation of a deltaflow for steam and boiler feed water is in many cases just a question of a couple of weeks. Manufactured in all common boiler steels, according to the most recent guidelines for steam boilers, the deltaflow has proved its efficiency for fresh steam, low and medium pressure steam as well as for boiler feed water. Compared to common methods like orifice, jet and Venturi, the user can often take advantage of a reduced pressure loss of some hundreds mbar.

We are pleased to calculated the additional energy savings for you! It is up to you to convert the energy savings into Euro or $.

clamp on flowmeter for liquids


Non-invasive flow measurement with ultrasonic clampOn

Every power plant needs cooling water which is often subject to charge. Measuring accurate and reliable is therefore a big topic for all plant operators.

Our ultrasonic flow meter deltawave is the perfect solution for your challenging measurement task wether in partially filled channels or filled pipes. Due to it’s state-of-the-art signal analysis, deltawave provides an accuracy up to 0.5%, measures under rough conditions and withstands even high gas and particle load.



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