industrial flow measurement with ultrasonic flowmeter deltawave

Hydro power plants -
outflow monitoring

Hydro power plants depend on reliable flow data.
This example shows you the monitoring of the
outflow with little inlet ways.

Flow measurement

Precise flow measurement
is one of the most important topics
within sewage purification processes.

Flood protection

Effective flood protection requires reliable, continuous and
precise flowdata. The ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter deltawave
is applicable for a versatile range of flumes
starting from small streams and channels up to natural rivers.

Power PLant -
Cooling water measurement

Water is a precious resource. High measurement
accuracy and reliability are one of the most
important requirements to a flowmeter.

Flow measurement
for natural rivers

Measuring the flow in rivers is a quite challenging task.
Water management councils, hydro power plants and industrial plants
are dependent on continuous, reliable and accurate flowdata.

Regulation of
internal recycle

The regulation of the internal recycle
demands precise flow data. Maintenance-free sensor technology and reliable
operation are critical factors because of the high turbidity.

  Product Summeries

Number of acoustic paths 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 (later upgrade possible)
Number of pipes or channels 1 to 4 (later upgrade possible)
Measuring method Multiple-path transit-time (time-of-flight)
Communication interfaces RS232, LAN (Ethernet), USB
I/O 4..20mA, Relays, Transistors
Power requirements 90-250VAC
Certificates required / Acceptances CE, Ex, ISO 9001 / ISO60041, ISO6416, ASME PTC 18
Path lengths 0,1..150m
Desired Informations
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