Flow Measurement for Rivers

The precise flow measurement in partially filled channels and rivers is one of the most challenging tasks. You will find a typical application below. Over and above, you can use your deltawave in a lot of additional applications like partially filled and filled pipes.

ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter

but deltawave is suitable
also for many other applications
in channels and pipelines.

Case History: Monitoring the Outflow of a Hydro Power Plant

Monitoring of navigability, Flood protection and Environmental Protection: These are all big tasks which depend on reliable and precise flow data. At the moment, the flow in big channels and rivers are determined by using simple and relatively inaccurate levelmeters or is measured only with temporary methods.

Now, deltawave provides a continiuous and accurate flow measurement based on the tried and tested ultrasonic transit-time method. deltawave ensures reliable flowdata: maintenance-free and precise.


Continuous Measurement: maintenance-free and reliable

The river Eder is piled up in order to feed a hydro power plant. The plant operator is obliged by public decree to ensure a minimum outflow of 6 m3/s for environmental and touristic purposes. The competent water management council formerly used a temporary ultrasonic flowmeter (ADCP) to monitor the flowrate. The ADCP offers a relatively precise but only a temporary measurement and always needs cost-intensive staff employment

By contrast, deltawave provides a continuous, automated and very accurate flow measurement.


Simple Mounting - withstand harsh conditions

The measurement site was equipped with a 4-path system. The ultrasonic transducers are mounted on a H-beams using a mounting clamp made of stainless steel which also protects the transducers against floatsam. Your advantage: The measurement works maintenance-free and calibration-free based on international standards (ISO6416). The flowdata can be transferred to the control room via a standardised 4..20mA-signal or a GSM-Modem.

Measurement parameters

  • Flume type: River, Width=30m
  • Medium: River water
  • Number of Paths: 4
  • Type of transducer: 250 kHz
  • Mounting of the transducers: On H-beams
  • levelmeter: ultrasonic
  • Path lengths: 40m
  • Typical flow speed. 1 m/s
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