Flow computer for gases, steam
and heat and coolant fluids

Doesn't do everything differently, but a lot better.

flowcom software is really easy to use and can be connected via USB

Most flow meters have errors depending on pressure and temperature. To compensate these errors, we have developed version 2 of our flow computer flowcom. In addition, the flowcom can also calculate the heat quantity and power of fluid flows.

The flowcom is a compensation computer that can be easily set up using a comfortable Windows software or via font keyboard. It compensates the influence of pressure and temperature on the flow measurement of gases, steam and liquids. It also calculates the power and heat quantity for heating and cooling media. In the dual-channel version, it even balances feed- and return systems. As a special highlight, the flowcom heat and power computer does not calculate according to faulty equations, but determines densities and enthalpies from integrated faultless tables.

The flowcom flow computer corrects flow meters for gases, steam, refrigerants or heat transfer media with pressure and temperature to mass flow or standard volume flow. Besides the actual flow and power, it totalizes to total mass and heat and can also calculate a heat quantity from the feed and return. It does not matter what type of flow meter you connect. The flowcom can handle differential pressure elements (deltaflow, orifice plate, pitot tube, Venturi, V-cone...), volumetric measurement methods (vortex, MID...), mechanical methods with pulse outputs (turbine, oval gear meter, quantometer...) or mass flow signals (Coriolis, thermoanemometer...).

The new flowcom2 is housed in an extremely robust IP65/67 aluminium case that is weather- and shockproof. With its large display and extremely simple menu structure, the flowcom can be easily setup for any application within minutes, even without the included Windows software. If a PC is available, the setup can be done even easier, using the windows based setup software and connecting the flowcom2 via USB.

The flowcom2 windows software is not only for easy setup, but can also be used to observe all actual measured values and offers the possibility, to analyse past operation errors, download datalogs and integrate own physical unit systems to the flowcom.

Thanks to the USB interface and Modbus, digital connection to a PC or DCS is child's play. The tried-and-tested parameterisation software, which has set the industry standard for user-friendliness, is virtually unchanged from flowcom1.

flowcom p&T compensation flow calculator
flowcom's perfect terminal room with IP67

Real double benefit: pressure and temperature compensation - simple, reliable, affordable

Our flowcom2 can be used as a gas compensation computer as well as a heat and power computer.

The densities and enthalpies of air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen and hydrogen, saturated steam, superheated steam and water are permanently stored. For other media, individual density and enthalpy tables can be uploaded via USB. The flowcom flow computer can also calculate the density and enthalpy according to known gas equations such as the Ideal Gas Law or the Improved Ideal Gas equation.

The flowcom can calculate natural gas according to the GERG88 equation. This equation was developed for billing purposes and has been approved by all major European gas suppliers such as Ruhr-Gas (D), British Gas (GB), Distrigaz (B), Gaz de France (F), N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (NL), S.N.A.M. S.p.A. (I) and PTB (D). The GERG88 is much more accurate than the commonly used AGA NX-19-mod. for L-gas and AGA-NX-19-mod. BR. KORR. 3H for H-gas.

For heat and coolant fluids, the flowcom2 calculates power and heat energy in addition to density compensation. As the flowcom has 2 channels, a flow-return balance can be calculated. So flowcom2 is a perfect heat and power computer.

It is easy to store your own density and enthalpy tables, e.g. for ammonia, refrigerants, thermal oil, vapour or liquid, using the flowcom software via USB.

A flow computer that pays for itself

A flow computer that pays for itselIf you are looking for an intelligent flow computer that meets all the requirements of current applications in terms of performance and quality in pressure and temperature compensation and also functions as a heat and power computer, then flowcom is a must! flowcom is both economical and profitable.
Read more about flowcom 2 in the PDFs in the download area at the bottom of this page.

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  • Air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygene, hydrogene, steam, water from permanently stored tables
  • Natural gas according to GERG 88 accepted by all major European natural-gas utilities
  • Other gases from user-defined compressibility tables
  • Gases according to Boyle Mariotte
  • Heat transfer media and refrigerants
Operating conditions
  • Media: the technical relevant range is covered
  • Hardware -40°C ... 55°C, Humidity max. 95 % non-condensing
  • IP 65 / IP 67
Certificates/ acceptances
  • CE
  • manufactured according to EN ISO 900
Desired Informations
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