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air mass and egr sensor for automotive

招流 - 在发动机gasflow计量皮托管

pitotube air mass flow sensor truck engine

systec Controls develops and manufactures pitot tubes for more than 15 years. They are used for the measurement of aggressive and polluted gas, liquid and steam flows. systec Controls a world wide leading producer of idustrial averaging pitot tubes.

Pitot tubes on the engine are of particular advantage because they are insensitive to contamination and have a very low pressure drop. Additionally, they have a very high dynamic and allow ultra fast mesurements. The truckflow pitot tube is particularly recommended for the measurements of air flow before and after the compressor and the determination of recirculated exhaust gas (EGR).

High-Tech made in Germany

systec pitot tube for truck engine air mass flow measurement

systec Controls pitot tubes are widely used for the measurement of contaminated and corrosive gases, liquids and vapors. For the optimization of our products we co-operate with reputed external partners such as the University of Munich, the University of Erlangen, Fraunhofer-Institute and the TÜV. 


egr flowmeter engine
The truckflow pitot tube has a superior, patented measurement profile that has a high linearity, is insensitive to contamination as the crankshaft ventilation and allows extremely fast measurements. Drift effects by coatings as you are aware of thermal flow measurements, van not be observed when using the truckflow pitot tube. Truckflow works drift-free over the whole engine lifetime – in truck engine that is up to 1,000,000 miles and more. With separated dp-Sensors, truckflow can measure gases at very high temperatures without cooling

Used on a number of truck engines

truckflow pitot tubes are used on a number of engine series to measue long term stanble an accurately the flow of gases.

Truckflow Staudrucksonde



plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, coated steel


-40 to 400 ° C (depending on material)


400 mbar to 6 bar abs-


air before and after compressor, before and after intercooler, exhaust gas recirculated (EGR / EGR)


External sensors (0..5 VDC, CAN-Bus, PWM, LIN-bus), calculation in the engin control unit


<2% (application dependent)

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